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You can’t put off a repair to your water pump; instead, call In and Out Tires for help.

You pulled into your driveway after a trip to Delaware Seashore yesterday when you noticed steam coming out from under your hood. That’s when you also noticed that, according to the temperature light on the dash, that your engine was running hot.

That’s not good news. It sounds as if you have a problem with your engine’s cooling system. That could range from a broken hose to a leaky radiator to a broken water pump. Whichever it is, it’s not a repair that can be delayed.

“Due to the vital role the pump plays in cooling the engine, if it stops working, there will be fast consequences including possible all-out engine failure. Replacing a bad water pump isn’t a quick job, but it’ll save you from the worse job of replacing your engine,” according to

Because of the critical role your water pump plays in keeping your engine running, it’s good to know the signs indicating that the pump is about to fail or has already failed. Two of those are steam from under the hood and a hot engine. Other symptoms of a bad water pump: leaks showing up as a puddle of orange or green fluid (depending on the brand of coolant) under the front portion of your car; a whining noise that increases with acceleration; and/or gunk buildup around the water pump itself. 

The bad news, says, is that “If you see smoke or steam coming from your radiator or under the hood generally, your engine is too hot and has probably already suffered a lot of damage.”

If you see steam coming from under the hood, advises you to “pull over immediately and call for help. Wait for the engine to cool off before poking around, as you’re dealing with scalding-hot coolant and potentially other unexpected dangers.”

Your best bet is to find a trusted, talented Millsboro auto repair technician. In and Out TIres has a full staff of certified auto repair specialists here to help you. 

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