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In and Out Tires will make sure your car is running at the correct temperature.

You were headed back from Sunfest when you noticed your car was running hot. There are several reasons a car will run hot. And they range from a defective radiator to a broken thermostat, the component that helps manage the engine’s temperature.

Among the indications that a thermostat is broken are an uneven temperature and funny noises, according to

“Whether or not you can actually drive with a faulty thermostat largely depends upon the manner in which the compromised thermostat has failed. For example, if a thermostat has failed to the “closed” position, overheating is imminent. And, a vehicle should never be driven in this state, as severe engine damage can quickly result,” says.

On the Other hand….

“On the other end of the spectrum, is a stuck “open” thermostat, which allows coolant to flow continuously to and from a vehicle’s radiator. Because, this often makes it difficult for an engine to reach full operating temperature. And while a vehicle can be driven in this fashion, doing so for prolonged periods is not advised.

“In any event, a faulty thermostat should be replaced as soon as possible. Because, doing so prevents the undue risk of additional engine damage, and restores engine operation to peak efficiency. But, if you do not feel comfortable tackling such repairs yourself, make an appointment with a trusted automotive service center, like In and Out Tire Pros, as soon as possible.”

If your car runs hot take your vehicle to In and Out Tires in Millsboro on Betts Pond Road.

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