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Thanksgiving’s a little more than a week away. Because it won’t be a big event for you this year – you’re not having many people over – you do want to make sure the kids have a good time so you’ve planned several outings for them. The first is to Prime Hook.

Although Milton is only about 15 miles away, you looked over your tires to make sure they were ready for the road. You noticed the tread was wearing thin in places and you think this might be a good time to buy a new set. That started you thinking about gas mileage and how tires affect fuel economy.

You’re right to wonder. Tires do have a big effect on fuel economy and, the better the fuel economy, the less you spend on gas. Greater fuel economy is also good for the environment.

“Rolling resistance is what it’s all about when you look to your tires for fuel economy,” explains. “The laws of physics dictate that stationary objects want to remain that way, so moving those objects demands energy. The more resistance your vehicle has to get moving, the more fuel it will burn.” says tires can affect gas mileage in four ways: air pressure, tire tread, tire size and wheel type.

Tires that are deflated by 8 psi can increase rolling resistance by as much as 20 percent, according to And the deeper the grooves on the tread, the lower your gas mileage. The lesson, according to metropia,com, is to check your tire pressure monthly and keep it up to the manufacturer’s specifications and, unless you spend a lot of time off roading, don’t use off-road tires around town.

As for tire size, the smaller the tire, the more efficient. But that has to be balanced with the knowledge that larger tires are better for highway driving.

Thinking of custom tires? Then, says, “opt for a lighter alloy wheel over steel wheels. You will need to consider the weight of your vehicle and whether or not you carry loads since wheels have a designated load capacity. Think about the size of the tire that needs to fit the wheel as well! You won’t be any better off if your lighter wheel calls for a wider tire that causes more rolling resistance anyway.”

The overall conclusion, according to “You can improve your fuel economy by choosing the best wheel and tire package for your vehicle. Before you make changes to the stock equipment, your best bet will be to consult your mechanic.

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