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Keeping your car and tires in good condition will help make winter driving safer.

It’s no secret to any driver who has ever coped with sleet, snow, ice or cold weather that winter driving can be hazardous. Not only do you have to handle the lower temperatures and other weather-related issues, you also have to watch out for other drivers who may not be as careful as you. Then, there’s the problem of your car. If it’s not in tiptop shape, winter driving can be even more hazardous.

All Area Driving School in New York offers several tips for safely coping with winter roads. Among them are driving tips: leave plenty of stopping distance, avoid distractions while driving, don’t spin your wheels, and be prepared for emergencies.

All Area’s suggestions aren’t limited to actual driving. The driving school notes that a safe car helps make your drive safer. All Area suggests you keep your car serviced in the winter and make sure your tires are good to go.

Making sure your car is well maintained “could be generalized advice also as no one wants their car to break down in any season,” All Area says. “Still, in cold or snowy winter weather, it is even more important to take care of the car. So, start the season right by assuring your vehicle is in an optimal state. For that, you should … visit the car mechanic for a tune-up as well as other routine maintenance. Apart from that, make sure your vehicle is checked thoroughly for badly worn hoses, leaks, or other needed parts, replacements and repairs.”

As for winter tire care, All Area offers this: “As a fact, winter driving safety is highly influenced by friction. And, it is crucial to make sure if your tires are in top shape. That’s why do check tire pressure on a monthly basis as and when required. It is essential because cold winter temperatures can lower tire pressure. So, a major factor in wet and snow traction is to inspect your tires for tread depth. It is advised that the tread must be at least 1/8 inch, easily measured via quarter and measuring from the coin’s edge to Washington’s top.

“Though if you ever find uneven tread wear, there is a poor wheel alignment or worn suspension components. Moreover, be sure to have your vehicle’s alignment and suspension checked before having the tires mounted. That helps to avoid premature wear if you invest in new tires.”

If you have a regular auto care mechanic you can trust, then this is a good time of year for a visit. If you don’t have a reliable Millsboro auto care technician, then it’s time to get to know the helpful guys at In and Out Tires.

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