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In and Out Tires will make sure your air and other filters are replaced when needed.

You were on your way home from a practice run at the park for the upcoming Shamrock Shuffle when your car backfired and you noticed black smoke coming from the exhaust. It also does not seem to be providing as much power as it normally does. You have no idea why your car is acting up.

There are many reasons your car could need help but perhaps the simplest is a dirty air filter. Symptoms of an air filter that needs replacing include backfiring, black smoke from the  exhaust, rough engine, smell of gasoline in the exhaust and lower gas mileage, according to

“A vehicle air filter is an easy to replace project but many times forgotten,” says. “An internal combustion engine needs air to be mixed with the fuel. This air comes in through the air filter. Without adequate air intake, the fuel mixture will be too rich with gas to burn properly, and the engine can be starved of needed oxygen.”

If the problem is the air filter, it’s an easy fix. Just take your car to the trusted Millsboro auto repair specialists at In and Out Tires and have them check it out and replace it, if necessary.

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