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A rough-idling car is sending you a message that something could be seriously wrong with the engine. In and Out TIres can help you track down the problem and get it fixed.

You were sitting in a long line this morning, waiting to place your order for a vente caramel latte when your car started shaking and idling roughly. By the time the barista handed you your drink, the shaking had gone away. But it’s left you wondering if you should be concerned about your car.

The short answer is yes, you should be concerned. explains: “A rough-idling car can be caused by any number of issues. While this might not seem like a pressing matter, a rough idle can signal a problem with the car’s engine. Repairing engine problems can mean a significant expense, so it’s best to have a rough-idling car checked out by a qualified mechanic as soon as you notice the car idling rough.”

One of the most common reasons for a rough idle is a misfiring engine caused by damaged spark plugs or malfunctioning ignition wire. Another culprit could be split or torn vacuum hoses or a flooded carburetor. A trusted Millsboro auto repair technician can perform diagnostic tests to track down the cause.

If your car is idling roughly, you need to consult a Millsboro auto repair expert who can help track down and repair the problem. You can find a trusted Millsboro auto repair technician at In and Out Tires.

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