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Hybrid and Electric cars are the way of the future. Here at In & Out Tire Pros we understand the importance of proper training and equipment. We have certified hybrid technicians and the proper equipment to maintenance and repair your hybrid vehicle.

As a hybrid owner, you know your vehicle is different from the other vehicles that share the road. Your vehicle has unique components and we understand this difference. We’ve developed a unique and exclusive battery pack conditioning service just for your hybrid that provides:

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Increased Vehicle Performance
  • Cost Savings

PLUS! Conditioning your battery does not consume new resources and reduces the number of battery packs entering the salvage stream by reusing the same battery. 


The Hybrid Shop (THS) is a network of high-end auto repair dealers, each highly trained and equipped to diagnose, service, maintain and repair everything in a hybrid vehicle. Compared to battery replacement, THS will not only allow you to save thousands of dollars on all services and repairs for your hybrid, but it also helps you save the planet by reducing the number of batteries that enter the waste stream. THS’ proprietary, patent-pending technology, Battery Pack Conditioning, is a scientifically validated process that restores batteries up to 95% of its original power and energy levels.  This significantly enhances the fuel economy and performance of the hybrid vehicle.


THS’ Battery Pack Conditioning is a patent-pending, science-based and technically validated service that reaps tangible cost-savings, longevity, sustainability and performance benefits that saves hybrid owners thousands of dollars compared to hybrid battery pack replacement. Depending on the state of the battery, up to a 35% increase in fuel economy can result immediately after the service is completed. Like a “fountain of youth” for hybrids, THS’ Battery Pack Conditioning can be repeated as often as necessary, providing a battery that could outlive the car it powers.


  • After removal from the vehicle, the battery pack is initially tested for Power and Energy to determine its current state-of-health (SOH) by connecting it to our Battery Discharger Unit. Data is then collected by the equipment controller for analysis and diagnostics. This service is about 3-4 hours of the entire conditioning process.
  • Upon completion of the diagnostic test, you will receive a report documenting the State-of-Health for all the battery cells in the pack. At this point, it will be determined if the battery pack would benefit from a conditioning service.
  • The conditioning service entails cycling the battery pack modules from 0% to 100% state-of-charge using a specified charging and discharging process to increase capacity. Cycling/conditioning is typically performed twice on each battery pack. This process usually takes about 12 hours.
  • Upon completion of the conditioning service, you will receive documentation showing the before and after power & energy capacity of each cell in your battery pack.

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